Fan Coil Unit | GeneRe

Horizontal concealed fan coil unit

FCU Horizontal concealed installation

Evaporators | GeneRe

Flake Ice Evaporator

30Ton Flake Ice Evaporator

Compressors | GeneRe

Panasonic 3CB084SA0M

Panasonic 3CB084SA0M R404A, scroll compressor

Industrial Chiller Units | GeneRe

Water Chiller 0.6 degree

Low temperature chiller without adding antifreeze

Glycol Chiller

Glycol water chiller, Low temperature chiller

Industrial Scroll Water Cooled Chiller

Water Cooled Portable Chiller with Hermetic Scroll Compressors

Industrial Scroll Air Cooled Chiller 60HP

Industrial Scroll Air Cooled Chiller For Injection Molding Machine

Ice Machines | GeneRe

Ice block making machine

Direct cooling ice block making machines

Flake Ice Machine 5Ton

5 ton/day, Ice thickness: 1.5~2.0mm

Slurry Ice Machine

Semi-hermetic ice making with large evaporating

3T Plate Ice Machine

plate ice making capacity 3000kg per day