Glycol Chiller

Glycol Chiller
Glycol Chiller
Glycol Chiller
Glycol Chiller

Glycol Chiller

Glycol water chiller, Low temperature chiller


When using a water chiller unit, most of the time people choose to use circulating water for cooling. However, if the temperature is too low, the circulating water will freeze in winter. At this time, glycol mixture is very popular, and the glycol chiller is also very efficient and stable. The biggest benefit of the glycol chiller is that the glycol mixture has an antifreeze effect, which can prevent the circulating water from freezing during use at 0℃ and will not cause malfunctions during operation. At this time, your chiller must have a fully enclosed circulation system to avoid volatilization.

The structure of glycol chillers is roughly the same as the general chillers, both consisting of compressors, evaporators, condensers, throttling elements, and electronic control systems. To ensure the stable operation of glycol chillers, it is recommended that everyone take explosion-proof steps and purchase explosion-proof chillers as much as possible.

The glycol chiller is a constant temperature, constant flow, and constant pressure cooling water equipment, whose main function is to cool the water inside the working host to ensure a constant temperature. Generally speaking, ethylene glycol chillers are composed of refrigeration systems, water systems, and control systems. The refrigeration system is composed of an independent compressor refrigeration system, which includes a compressor, condenser, thermal expansion valve, plate heat exchanger, and refrigerant pipeline. When choosing glycol chillers, it is also important to pay attention to the brands of these accessories in the refrigeration system. Generally, the most commonly chosen accessories are famous brands such as Emerson, Mitsubishi, DORIN... which are more stable in use and have fewer failures. When choosing, you can take a closer look at the brand information of these accessories.

After purchasing the glycol chiller, your attention should be paid to maintenance to ensure stable and normal working voltage, providing a stable foundation for the operation of the chiller. Pay attention to protecting the water pump and do not operate the chiller without water to avoid causing the circulating water pump of the glycol chiller to malfunction. Ensure that the inlet and outlet channels of the chiller fan are smooth, and it is recommended to regularly clean the filter screen to avoid clogging of the ash layer. Increase the water temperature or insulate the water pipe cooler to avoid condensation water when the water temperature is significantly lower than the ambient temperature, which is not conducive to the operation of the chiller.




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