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Hebei Gene Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

GeneRe is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to research and design, production and sale of ice machines and industrial chiller units and fan coil unit, compressor and other refrigeration equipment over decade years. 

GeneRe has its own refrigeration machine production base in North China, which is with an excellent team of high-level refrigeration engineers and electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, senior technicians, and a comprehensive after-sales service team. GeneRe obtains advanced production line and assembly line. 

Since the establishment, GeneRe has adhered to the business philosophy of "Quality First, Reputation First, Service First," maintained trust, emphasized quality, continuously innovated, and vigorously promoted comprehensive quality management and project management responsibility system. 

GeneRe’s ice-making machines range is from 300 kg to 60 ton of daily production, chiller units cooling capacity ranging from 1 ton up to 800 ton, which can meet all your cooling needs and provide efficient products and high quality services to solve ice-related & chilled water related challenges for domestic and international super supermarkets, food processing, Poultry slaughtering & Processing, Deep-sea fishing, chemical printing and dyeing, biopharmaceuticals, industrial construction, and other ice-using & chilled water using enterprises. 

GeneRe has developed direct cooling block ice machine, container block ice machine, flake ice machine, tube ice machine, plate ice machine, ice slurry machine; industrial chiller units: air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller. Providing various medium and ultra-low temperature refrigeration units, we are serving your needs despite your varying circumstances with efficient ice and cooling water solutions. 

GeneRe refrigeration systems follow the strategic principles and market commitments of "Integrity-based, Pioneering and Enterprising." With a focus on innovative ideas, strategic innovation and development, and market aggressiveness, we combine practicality, make a long-term plan, and dare to innovate. We believe that only with the correct values and methodologies can have a broad vision and reach a record level for the company.

GeneRe's goal is to innovate technology, create a well-known brand, and achieve a win-win situation. We have earned unanimous praise from our customers and established long-term cooperation.

GeneRe will continue to focus on refrigeration compressors and evaporators, focusing on energy conservation and new energy, pursuing cooperation with globally advantageous resources and enterprises, developing international platforms, and becoming a global supplier of new energy system solutions.

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Company Culture

Become the world's leading professional supplier of mechanically integrated ice making equipment









Company Culture

Become the world's leading professional supplier of mechanically integrated ice making equipment

Corporate Vision
Become the world's leading professional supplier of mechanically integrated ice making equipment
Corporation Value
Abide by laws and regulations, be honest and trustworthy, seek truth from facts, and do what you say you will do
Business Philosophy
We pursue excellence, continuously invest in R&D personnel and R&D equipment, and always focus on strengthening cutting-edge R&D and surpassing ourselves.
Corporate Identity
We are a dynamic, fast-growing company with the confidence and passion to become a global leader. We firmly believe that every employee contributes to the company's growth.