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 Address: No. 351 Friendship North Street, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China.
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Laser Chillers

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Products description: Laser Chillers

Laser Chillers Advantages:

Laser industry is the most popular processing method. There are many R&D, production or processing enterprises of laser machines, such as laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, laser welding machine, laser ink jet printer, laser cutting machine, medical equipment, lab testing etc. The cooling system plays a key part in the laser machine operation. Gene laser chiller, is a special unit, which is designed according to the features and demands of laser market equipment.


1. With microcomputer PLC control system, which is able to control the whole unit automatically.

2. Schneider electrical elements, which guarantee the unit run stably and long service life.

3. Titanium pipe evaporator that keeps the water purified.

4. Various specification available which suit different laser machines, precise temperature controller that can control the water temperature +/-0.1℃, easy operation.

5. Easy installation.

6. Electrostatic spraying, European design, nice appearance, fast-dismantle panel make the unit more convenient to use and maintain.

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