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Direct cooling block ice machine

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Products description: Direct cooling block ice machine

Direct cooling block ice machine:

the evaporator and refrigerant transfer heat directly; 

no intermediate heat transfer media, avoid the loss energy of usage of refrigerant heat caused;

the evaporator is made of aluminum alloy with highly efficient food grade, the thermal conductivity is 3 times comparing with the steel and its weight is only 1/3 of the steel. Never rust, ice edible;

  • Harvesting quickly: water freeze into the ice, making-ice system reverses heating, hot fluorine into the evaporator to harvest ice; the ice drop off the lifting plate directly, no need to take the crane or other equipment;
  • Save operating cost: can be designed as containerized with simple operation, the area is much smaller than the traditional brine water block ice machine, and save energy and human labor, which greatly reduces the cost of making ice.
  • Stable and durable: using the circulating hot air technology and direct thermal expansion of heat exchange technology, making the product performance more stable; aluminum alloy evaporator has more than 30 years life, will not be deformed, no replacement; an investment with life-long benefit. 
  • Choosing more ice-making programs: GeneRe is able to provide a full set of ice-making ice program and meet customers' demand.

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